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SGS is a Motorsport Transmission Design and Manufacturer, producing innovative Sequential Racing Gearboxes and Limited-Slip Differentials for Motorsport applications that include Rallying, Rallycross, GT, Hill Climb, Time Attack and Drifting. The SGS product range is comprehensive
and offers a solution for most installations.

All CAD designed assemblies are produced from the best available materials. Units are supplied with either LM25 or 7075 billet Aluminium casings, Xylan coated or anodized. Gears, Dog Rings and all "stressed" internal components are manufactured from aero spec quality steels which are super finished for additional durability.

Assemblies are built with top quality components and all new builds and serviced gearboxes are inspected at every stage of production. The SGS zero over travel indexing system prevents 'false neutrals' or 'miss-shifts' and gives a quality of gear change that is second to none. In addition to our gearbox range we also design and supply components for special applications including World Rally Cross and Historic touring cars.

SGS are also actively involved in Racecar preparation, engine building and transmission installation, allowing us to have first-hand knowledge and requirements of Motorsport transmissions and fully installed drivelines.
Our Race heritage allows us to approach solutions in a hands on methodology, based on experience rather than theory.

Our clients’ successes

Rally America 2016 (NLO) Winner
WTAC 2016 Pro Class Winner
BTAC 2016 Pro Class Runner up
WTAC 2016 Open Class 3rd
British Asphalt Rally 2015 Winner


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Special Products




SGS Racing Transmissions service Hewland, Sadev, Xtrac and Maktrak transmissions. As well as offering a full rebuild service, we can supply spares for all of the aforementioned gearboxes.

We have extensive knowledge of motorsport gearboxes and undertake work on all the major motorsport brands.

Our knowledge and experience allows us to examine gearbox internals with scrutiny, and evaluate level of repair or refurbishment necessary.

Parts are fully inspected, and work is catalogued with photo verification and written reports.

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Steve Hill RallyX

Following many successful years in rallying, with six national championship wins followed by a further national championship win in Rallysprint, the team decided it was time for a further challenge in RallyX.

Widely known as the most technically challenging of all motorsport disciplines, the team tackled it head on with instant success in their Mitsubishi Evolution 9, and more recently the latest model Mitsubishi Evolution 10.

The team were the first to try the transverse engine route – even though they knew the challenges to the transmission were massive. This transverse engine location is now adopted by many of the top world championship teams because of the advantages in traction.

The current Mitsubishi Evolution 10 is unique worldwide and is used extensively as a test bed for transmission components. Transmitting 550 HP and with 600 lbs Ft of torque, it remains one of the fastest cars in the UK.

RallyX cars are renowned for their acceleration, being faster than an F1 car to 100 KPH (under two seconds) and having to run on both tarmac and loose surfaces. This makes an ideal test bed for any racing transmission and development of new products and materials continues.